Our team will come to you on time and sort out any problem with your DSTV, Audio & video, Sound systems, Internet, CCTV cameras, Solar, Generator installations and maintenance. We can assist with all your needs. With 22 years experience and th

Variety of accesories Replacement Remotes, AV Senders, IR-Links (TV-Links), SLX 4-Way splitter, SLX 2-Way splitter, RCA cables, HD cables, Optical cables, RGB cables, long distance high performance video and audio cable, RG 55 cable, RF cables,

We do re-installations of single view, Xplora, old single view & dual view installations. Dish dismantle & re-installations. Relocation of dishes. Dish alignment. Extra split points. OVHD. Mounting of TV’s, wallmounting of sound.

Single View: 80cm full HD dish kit, single LNB, decoder 4U 3B,  F-Connectors, RG6U cable, saddle clips, cable ties, male and female plugs, RCA cable, signal alignment & installation. Extra View: (Dual view ability, 3 extra decoders on

Expert knowledge of all Hi-Tech amps, Home Theatres & Sound systems: Jamo, Yamaha, Nakamitchi, Bose, NAD, Harman/Kardon... You can contact Sarel on 072 523 5935 for assistance for all your technical issues.

Damage reports for Insurance purposes TV repairs Lightning surge protection plugs Remote controls (please contact Sarel on 072 523 5935 for latest prices)

DSTV Xtra view, Re-installations, DSTV HD PVR installations & upgrades, Explora upgrades, expert knowledge of Home Theatres & Sound Systems, TV installations, Satellite detection, DSTV dish alignment, Satellite LNB fault finding, DSTV faulty cable detection, LED TV installations, LCD TV installations, Plasma TV installations, Flat screen installations, Projector TV installations, TV split points, Home Theatre sound installations.

Satellite / DStv MOD-HDMI DVB-T Full HD Modulator is a high quality DVB-T 'Home' modulator which accepts one HDMI or analog Stereo Audio / CVBS signal and converts it into one RF DVB-T channel on its output.

Installation & fitment of all TV's. We can also provide you with the correct brackets for your TV to mount it.  We also do customized brackets according to your interior decorating needs. We can also give you advise on where the best pos

What is HDTV? HDTV is basically high quality widescreen. When viewed at a distance the difference is not as apparent. HDTV picture: SD (Standard Definition) widescreen TV: But when you see the picture at more-or-less the size that it wil